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Antarctica is losing its contour, a geography of perennial ice turns into a series of clipped off pieces of land. Glacial masses melt. Under their water layers, methane gas starts to leak and, as if in a closed circuit, end up strengthening the greenhouse effect. Climate changes are stressed and this provokes unimagined catastrophes. Masses of ice become water and this causes the seas to rise their level. Antarctica is the largest desert on Earth and, paradoxically, it is also the world’s largest reservoir of pure water.

Research carried out by Rodolfo del Valle and Pedro Skvarca, scientists from the Dirección Nacional del Antártico were the starting point for the making of this project concerned with the effects produced on climate changes and man’s possible incidence on these processes.



Variable Duration. Registered in photography and video.


Variable Duration. Registered in photography and video.

Video installation

Projection of sunflowers (10 minutes, 2005)


(5 minutes, 2005) with the participation of the dwellers.

photography shots and video

Variable sizes and duration

RED (NET) Series
RED Series
Introduction by Mariano Memolli, Director of National Antarctic Affairs.
Detail of the Project
The Ttragic Beauty of a Changing Horizon by Corinne Sacca Abadi
Expedition to Antarctica by Andrea Juan
Additively Interfering in the Natural Oscillation by Dr Rodolfo del Valle
Details of work
Some Remarks of the Residents of Esperanza Base, Antarctica
The impact of Climate Changes in the Glaciers and Ice Shelves of the Antarctic Peninsula by Engineer Pedro Skvarca
projections in antarctica
Malba projections
60 seconds in life the of a glacier
projections of Encapsulated

Photography, painting, video, installation, object, drawing.

Curator: Andrea Juan

Curatorial Assistance: Alejandra González

Polar South, Art in Antarctica has been shown at Museum of National University of Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires and Technological Museum of México DF. The show is sponsored by National Antarctic Affairs and National Cultural Affairs, Argentine Chancellery and National University of Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires

A deep and vivid feeling seizes us when, at the end of a long voyage, we step on Antarctic soil, a soil covered with fossils. As sea, rock, and time, Antarctica is today the largest natural freshwater reserve for humankind. Being there is to witness a different world on this very same planet, to venture into the wilderness, into a new place that cannot compare with what we already know, with no schedules, no currency, and without the facts of everyday life. We must adapt to the weather and the severity of the freezing gales, where the beauty of the vastness of space and the extreme temperatures are both juxtaposed. A virgin continent operating as an experimental laboratory in every discipline, naturally including culture and art. Our way of thinking changes in Antarctica, which thus becomes an ideal place for the artist’s task. Let us imagine ever-lasting icebergs, fossilized remains, zero pollution, expeditions and challenges in a continent of cooperation destined for peace. Taking art to Antarctica is to remind the world of its frozen seas, its species, and its icebergs, and how important they are for the terrestrial ecosystem.

Andrea Juan


  • Lorraine Beaulieu / Flag #1, #2, #3 / Cyanotype photography on canvas, 90 x 180cm., 2007 / Canada
  • Karin Beaumont / Stars, installation. aluminum 2006 - 2007 / Australia
  • Philippe Boissonnet / Photography on canvas 2006 CP/Toms, Ozono Global / Canada
  • Marina Curci / Acrilic on canvas, 2007 / Argentina
  • Phil Dadson / Video Installation. “STONEMAP” 24’, 2004 / New Zealand
  • Adriana Groisman and Stefan Oliva / Video “One day in the icebraker” 25´, 2007 / Argentina - USA/
  • Marcelo Gurruchaga / 8 Photography 70 x 100cm., 2007 / Argentina
  • Andrea Juan / Antarctica Project, Photography and video installation 10 photography 100 x 136 cm Video Installation:Methane, Red, Projections and Melting / Argentina
  • Mireya y Mercedez Masó / “A 22” Video, 2006 / Spain
  • Alberto Morales / Acrilic on canvas, 85 x 150cm., 2005 / Argentina
  • Lucy y Jorge Orta / Video: “Antarctica Village” Marambio, Antártida” 2007 / England - Argentina
  • Pamen Pereira / 4 inkject on canvas 112,5 x 146cm / Spain
  • Lisa Roberts / 42 days in Antarctica, digital animation 2007 3 pieces of Perspex, 2006 / Australia
  • Hernan Sala / Scientist, Power Point Presentation / Argentina
  • Rodolfo del Valle / Scientist, Power Point Presentation Installation “Tales from Antarctica” / Argentina
  • Angel Cicciu / Air Force Video / Argentina
Extremities at the Heart – Connecting (with) the Poles by Annick Bureaud

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